About Charity Furniture Service

Charity Furniture Service is a collection of Decommission Industry Professionals and Organizations with decades of experience; located throughout North America.

After long careers offering Best in Class Service to:

  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Universities and Schools
  • Corporate Facilities
  • IT Facilities

  • We have joined together to leverage our experience and skill sets under the umbrella: CHARITY FURNITURE SERVICE.

    Our Earth Friendly Practices:
    • Project Management
    • Labor
    • Transportation
    • Warehousing
    • Installation
    • Logistics
    • Decommission
    • Recycling

    • Mission: To Make a Difference

      • Serve Charity with every project.
      • Donate all the FF&E, the Charity can accept at Zero Cost.
      • Sell any remaining FF&E and donate 50 % of proceeds to Charity.
      • Add no extra fees for the Donor.
      • Recycle Responsibly.

      Mission Guidance:
      • Treat Donors, Charities, Service Partners and the Environment equally.
      • Communicate Openly and Timely.
      • Build Sustainable Relationships and Practices across all sectors.
      • Listen, Learn, Share, Improve.

      Charity Furniture Service
      “A Better Way Of Doing Business!”