Labor / Logistics

Our team can precisely plan and manage your furniture project.

Getting you from plan all the way to perfection

Facing a property project can be daunting: figuring out what to do with every little thing, budgeting costs, tracking timelines and securing quality vendors. And then on moving day, you hope everyone you hired will execute the plan as intended.

Whether you’re in charge of a property move, remodel, or decommissioning, our team has the ability to precisely coordinate and manage already-vetted vendor relationships to make all the moving parts run according to schedule. Rely on our expertise and trust that your project will happen right.

We handle the labor side of a furniture project from the deinstallation, moving and installation companies, and we handle the logistics side in the scheduling between you, trucking and any other vendor you may need on site at certain times.

The process of moving one office and opening two more at the same time seemed impossible to pull off on time, but our employees were able to show up to their new offices the next workday and move right in without a hitch.- A Fortune 5000 Property Manager

The team at Charity Furniture Service has decades of experience in the furniture surplus industry. Bringing in their expertise to handle as much or as little of your project as you need, can often be the difference between a successful, on-time and on-budget project and one that can be chaotic.

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