Press Release: UM&M Partners with The Salvation Army

The staff at Universal Merchants & Managers (UM&M) is humbled and honored to announce the signing of our national partnership with The Salvation Army for Donations and Decommissions. The contract is the culmination of working with The Salvation Army over the past 13 months to build a collaborative sustainable surplus solution for both The Salvation Army and Facility Managers throughout the country.

UM&M will manage the decommission process for corporate donors who have a surplus of movable furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) and believe in “Doing the Most Good”. With an average of 2 decades of national decommission experience, our partners are excited to put their talents to work for a higher purpose.

How We Operate:

UM&M removes the FF&E at competitive rates with no management fees for processing donation. We first work with The Salvation Army to process the donations at zero cost by working with local territories, allowing them the option of selecting any and all items for The Salvation Army Family Store inventory. All sales from your donations help fund local rehabilitation centers that change lives and restore families. Any remaining FF&E is sold by UM&M and the proceeds are then split equally with The Salvation Army.

Proper documentation is provided by The Salvation Army and UM&M to the corporate donor for each phase to ensure all members are informed. In addition, all our labor partners are vetted, experienced, and fully insured with local and national capabilities.

UM&M is environmentally conscious and responsibly recycles any remaining unwanted items able to be recycled, which significantly reduces landfill waste.


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